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 Bloody Faith とは、十字架上のキリストをイメージした言葉で、

not force but kisses

人びとの欲望は、けっして満たされることを知らない    ファッションは、その欲望を刺激し、    必要以上に、強く大きく見せることを煽る    欲望は、永遠に愛をもたらさず、人びとを疲弊させる

愛なんていわれても、ほんとうのところはわからない    だからこそ、せめて口づけを

だれもが満たされないからこそ    力ではなく、キスの嵐を

一枚の衣服を、あなたに届けよう    精一杯の信念で、あなたを包み込めますように





衣服をまとうということ 個性と自由のはじまりにおいて それは内と外との境界を塗り固める行為であり 個というものを全体から分離させ 確立させんとする行為ではなかったか それがちからの時代の必要性であった

一方 素のままの皮膚感覚をいとおしみ プリミティブな感性の崇高さを信頼し 人間性の本来の純粋さと共鳴しながら 思考の断絶を越えて旅するとき― 我々の魂は全体となり 普遍的な「変化」となる

それはこの、 混沌とした時代においては 全人類的な精神の 遺産を蘇らせんとする 試みになるかもしれない

Here is where I place my faith.

Now, while the earth screams out,  we have no way to end wars.

How can a fashion designer face up to this reality? I tackle this seemingly stupid question truly in earnest.

How can a fashion designer face up to this reality? I tackle this seemingly stupid question truly in earnest.

People change the world by believing in truth, goodness and beauty. The good conscience of the cosmos will freeze all violence in the near future.

not force but kisses

People's desires can never be fulfilled.Fashion stimulates these desires and makes people show things to be stronger and bigger than necessary.Desire will never bring love - only exhaustion.

It is hard to know the truth about love. All I know is that people yearn for a kiss.

Nobody can be fulfilled. Give us not force, but a storm of kisses.

I offer you a piece of clothing, to wrap you up in my heartfelt faith.

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Message of non-violence and peace Anti-fashion Anti-smart Essence squeezed from the blood of designers No compromising on a technical level

 - Clothes and related products created by     kneading all of the above together -

For people that are not satisfied by the designs and sizes,  we offer fully order-made products at the price of ready-to-wear clothes. We also accept orders for special theatre and stage designs  and for the rental of sample sizes.

At the start of a new era

Isn’t wearing clothes an action for painting the boundary between the inside and the outside, marking the beginning of individuality and freedom, establishing the individual  and separating it from the whole? This was a necessity in the era of force.

Meanwhile, when we love the natural feel on the skin, trust the sublimity of primitive emotion, sympathize with the original purity of human nature and travel across discontinuity in thought, our spirit becomes whole and  becomes universal change.

In this chaotic age, this could be an attempt to revive the heritage  of the spirit of all of humankind.

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